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Thales Deutschland has become firmly established on the German market as a company with well-developed structures and customer relationships. The company has its own local production sites and R&D departments and historic roots in Germany reaching back to the year 1880.
Thales Deutschland offers users and decision-makers custom solutions and the experience it has gained through developing applications around the world so they can take action in critical missions. They include, in particular, state-of-the-art passive and active sensors, secure communication and satellite systems and digital security solutions for civil and military applications. Its main customers include airport operators and rail network operators, industrial companies and government organisations that are active in the fields of security and defence both in Germany and abroad.

Thales Deutschland is part of the Thales Group, an internationally leading technology company of European origin. Thales works in promising fields such as connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence and cyber security.

To keep people safe and to ensure mission success, defence organisations rely on Thales to train crews for their operations in critical environments, in the air, on land and at sea.
Thales designs live, virtual and constructive solutions, to provide a more immersive experience for trainees, with a cutting-edge image generation, offering a various choice of AI-animated scenarios, and ready for collective training.

Thales simulation solutions cover the complete range of training devices for any requirement, from a single pilot to turnkey training services for mission rehearsal and complex joint operations. With our solutions our customers are able to:

  • Rapidly acquire and upgrade helicopter flight skills, from an initio to complex tactical and combat flight training
  • Learn how to assess and respond to potential threats and coordinate with the players’ battlefield
  • Prepare for any mission, anywhere in the world, with programmable mission scenarios and immersive visual effects
  • Practice crew to multi-crew coordination and prepare to work together in joint operations, no matter how large or complex

Thales supports the armed forces with advanced training systems on Tiger, NH90, Chinook, Sea-King, H225M, Super Puma, EC635, Gazelle, Fennec among others. 

In Germany, Thales is playing a central role with the Helicopter Flight Training Services (HFTS) consortium to train the German Armed Forces’ NH90 pilots with simulators in Bückeburg, Faßberg and Holzdorf.
Also, in partnership with Rheinmetall, Thales provides French and German Tiger aircrews with state-of-the-art training capabilities, in line with the latest versions of these helicopters and their evolving roles in today's theatres of operations.
In addition, with its competence centre in small arms training in Germany – including a maintenance network across the country providing full life cycle support –  Thales covers all areas of small arms training, from pistols to grenade launchers and guided weapons.

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