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With its Simulation and Training product area based in Bremen, RME is one of Europe's largest providers in the field of design, development and production of the most complex training solutions. RME specialises in developing and implementing holistic training concepts for all training requirements in the land, naval and aviation sectors. To this end, RME offers state-of-the-art training tools and concepts for all branches of the armed forces, which are geared to the respective deployment case and guarantee a maximum of training and learning effect. In addition to classic simulator training, RME also focuses on networked operations, tactical leader training, pilot training, technical training with the proven ASTERION training system and live training.

Flight simulation
The Flight Simulation division is a partner in the multinational training programs for the Tiger, NH90, A400M and KC390 systems and guarantees competence and innovation in the field of training for the air forces as well as civilian users. The product portfolio ranges from mobile tablet-based solutions for basic training to replica systems for procedure and procedure training to complex full-mission simulators.

Tactical leader training
Looking at current military operational profiles, it can be seen that these are combined, inter-military missions that require the highest degree of interoperability and communication capability. In particular, the operational coordination of such missions requires the highest degree of leadership competence. This results in new tasks for future training systems. RME has developed a mobile tactical training system for this purpose, with which not only crew coordination training but also the tactical mission preparation of complete contingents in a networked scenario is made possible. Thanks to its technologically advanced design, Rheinmetall's modular concept allows the networking of a wide variety of weapon system simulators of all branches of the armed forces for tactical training in a simulation network.

No virtual reality is as hard as real life. And yet simulators can hardly be imagined without the training of modern armed forces or civilian specialists, because they offer extremely flexible training options around the clock and regardless of the weather. Training systems from Rheinmetall Defence have been contributing to this for over 40 years and facilitate training on land at sea and in the air.


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