HFTS Helicopter Flight Training Services GmbH

HFTS Helicopter Flight Training Services GmbH is the world's first and still leading provider of services on simulators for the NH90 transport helicopter. HFTS operates four Full Flight Simulators (FFS) and their peripheral support systems at three sites  in Germany. This sophisticated complex simulation was developed, built and financed by HFTS and is available to national and international customers.

First-class training on EASA-qualified simulators

With the completely redesigned simulation architecture based on the latest NH90 operational models, HFTS GmbH offers the national and international NH90 user family not only a top-class technological training tool with the replica of the real NH90 helicopter cockpit in MR1 construction status. In 2022, the EASA CS-FSTD(H) Level C qualification is also expected, which means another milestone for the future.

In this comprehensive and realistic training, the pilots will be prepared for all eventualities in an intensive and sustainable manner.


The possibility of crosslinking four NH90 simulators at three sites is unique worldwide. This already allows  two squadrons to be trained in real scenarios in a state-of-the-art virtual environment. This ensures permanent and sustainable full operational readiness and strengthens flight safety. Modern videoconferencing equipment  at all locations also enable comprehensive operational planning, targeted briefings and sustainable mission feedback rounds.


For years, HFTS GmbH has also been offering more extensive support for pilot training. Whereas previously only third-party customers were guided and supported in transfer training and professionalisation by experienced former NH90 pilots, HFTS aviation experts have also been involved in the training of Bundeswehr pilots at the console since 2021. It can be assumed that they will be actively involved as SFIs in the future. Here, HFTS guarantees optimum training quality through consistent personnel selection, further training and standardisation!


We are looking forward to meeting you at the ILA 2022 and hope for an open exchange of ideas in which we can also outline joint projects!

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