Air Maneuver Training Center

The Air Maneuver Training Center (Ausb/ÜbZLbwglk) is the German Army's central training institution for all aspects of air maneuver operations.

Air assault operations, airborne operations, air attack operations as well as air movement and airmobile operations are trained and exercised at the Celle garrison and the associated Wietzenbruch military aerodrome. This is done using the most advanced simulation technology, from action and procedure trainers and command post modules to the employment of original systems/ real aircraft out of the force.

The Center renders support corresponding to the formations' and units' aims and objectives as well as their training requirements by preparing and conducting mission-oriented and tailor-made unit-level and team training as well as carrying out follow-up activities, all of this carried out on a broad level of expertise.

The Air Maneuver Training Center renders support competently and efficiently during all training and exercise phases

  • by teaching current, nationally and multinationally standardised basic knowledge and skills of the air maneuver spectrum in unit-level and team training,
  • in generating mission-oriented trainings/exercises and drawing up training documents, familiarising instructor personnel and requesting training resources,
  • by giving competent advice and instructions as well as providing a highly modern training infrastructure and simulation technology in the conduct of trainings, as well as
  • by conducting an extensive and individual evaluation of the success of the training/exercise as part of the follow-up activities and providing the relevant data to the force.

As the joint training institution that it is, the Air Maneuver Training Center will further intensify and consolidate its already applied multinational orientation and will thus present itself, also to partner nations, as an attractive platform, unique within Europe, for all matters regarding air maneuver operations.

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