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HFTS GmbH awarded the contract for the modernisation of the NH90 simulators
The so far successful cooperation between the Bundeswehr and HFTS GmbH will continue until 2028.
On 20.12.2019 the contract for the modernization of the NH90 simulators was signed by BAAINBw and Mr. Peter Halbig, Managing Director of HFTS GmbH.

HFTS GmbH and its shareholders

  • CAE Elektronik GmbH (CAE),
  • Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH (RME),
  • Thales Management & Services Deutschland GmbH (TMSD)

will therefore upgrade the important simulators for the NH90 pilots of the German Armed Forces to the current MR1 status in the next few years. In addition, the simulators will be qualified for EASA CS-FSTD(H) Level C.

Upon completion of this program, the German Armed Forces will then be able to train their NH90 crew members in a state-of-the-art virtual environment. Due to the possibility of networking all simulators via the locations Bückeburg, Faßberg and Holzdorf, real scenarios with up to two routs can be practiced and prepared. This guarantees full operational readiness in the long term and strengthens flight safety.

The latest configuration, state-of-the-art technology as well as accompanying upgrades by experienced service personnel will continue to guarantee first-class training and further training for the Bundeswehr in these aspects, just as they have in the past decade:

  • Increasing the quality of training,
  • Savings of real flight hours,
  • Reduction of the duration of training,
  • Protection of the environment.

In addition, Peter Halbig also has international customers firmly in mind: "Our strategy "Accelerate the transition to sustainable simulation" focuses on the end customer with his reasonable demands for authentic scenarios based on reality and operational needs. With a completely renewed system architecture, we meet the expectations of our customers and stand for a significant increase in flight safety, because our simulators offer real alternatives to real operational flights.”

The new features, the sophisticated technical support systems and the simplified application for the creation of highly complex tactical scenarios are indeed impressive. Combined, the world‘s most modern networked simulation system for a military transport helicopter will be developed here over the next few years.

In addition to the simulation of the real NH90 helicopter cockpit in construction stage MR1, the following are guaranteed

  • the highly realistic simulation of vibrations,
  • adapting the display module (HMS/D) to the extended functions of MR1,
  • the expansion of communication skills and
  • the innovative high-resolution video chain,

photorealistic flying that meets the high requirements of the EASA CS-FSTD(H) Level C qualification. Pilots in the simulation are challenged by synthetic and yet realistic autorotations. Furthermore, the demands on the crew in simulation training of the new HFTS simulators will increase significantly due to the increased number of simulated malfunctions and emergencies and will guarantee an even more effective training.

The visual simulation database, which is fully compatible with other databases, includes detailed visualizations of airports, heliports, helipads and landing pads as well as 250 realistic, animated 3D models. Exceptional and unique are the improvements in the field of meteorological environment simulation, which, due to the improvements in the Storm Model, allow realistic 3D wind calculations on buildings or large structures. In combination with „realtime computer generated forces“ as well as interoperable VBS3 systems connected via HLA, the mission pilots prepare for their future missions in realistic, dynamic missions. Even purely aeronautical challenges such as the highly complex „dust landing“ and the „NAP of the earth“ can be trained virtually and yet realistically on the basis of detailed ground effects and other „high detail textures“.

The simplified application of the Mission Support System (OSS Sim) in connection with the high actuality of the database gives the operator the unique possibility to design scenarios in almost every „Mission Area“ with high detail inserts and networked.

With the new simulation architecture, HFTS GmbH offers the national and international NH90 user family a top-class training tool. A realistically demanding training and further training oriented to the mission scenarios at all times of day and all weather conditions will prepare the mission pilots for all eventualities intensively and sustainably. With future extended service offers and also mission and data packages „taylored to mission“, the simulators will also be available to international military users at reasonable prices“.

We are at your disposal for further – also personal – discussions. We are also looking forward to your visit at the ILA 2020 at our stand in hall 3!

HFTS Helicopter Flight Training Services GmbH

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