Air Manoeuvre Training Alliance
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CAE Elektronik GmbH

CAE’s Defense & Security business unit focuses on supporting our customers’ needs in developing and maintaining the highest levels of mission readiness. We are a world-class training systems integrator offering a comprehensive portfolio of training centres, training services and simulation products across the air, land, sea and public safety market segments. We serve our global defense and security customers through regional operations in Canada, as well as in the United States/Latin America, Europe/Africa and Asia-Pacific/Middle East.

As the global leader in training for civil aviation, defense and security and healthcare markets we define global training standards with our innovative virtual-to-live training solutions to make flying safer, to maintain defense force readiness and enhance patient safety. With more than 70 years of experience, CAE has the broadest global presence in the industry with more than 8,500 employees and 160 sites, as well as training locations in over 35 different countries. Each year, we train more than 120,000 civil and defense crew members and thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide.

CAE at the International Helicopter Training Center
CAE provides an extensive range of training support services for the International Helicopter Training Centre in Bückeburg. In developing and delivering all 12 simulators for the centre, CAE played a key role in the development of the Hans-E.-Drebing Simulator Centre. Since starting operations in 2002, CAE has supported Army Aviation and the Air Force with professional simulator maintenance and upgrades. Furthermore, CAE`s fully-experienced flight instructors provide simulator based training on professionalization of CH-53 crew members. CAE also supports the Armed Forces in networked mission training. On top of that, CAE played a leading role in the implementation of the Air Manoeuver Tactical Leadership Training (AMTLT) which is already in operation at the International Helicopter Training Centre.

As one of the HFTS partners, CAE participates in the operation of the German NH90 simulators in Bückeburg, Holzdorf, and Fassberg.

CAE contribution to the Air Manoeuvre Training Center
Sophisticated training and mission-oriented exercises for single teams up to air manoeuvres of task forces will be the basis of future networked simulation systems and additional training means, which need to be provided at the Air Manoeuvre Training Centre in Celle. CAE, a global experienced systems integrator und provider of holistic training solutions, is able to ensure the integrity of training means and the provision of training in cooperation with Bundeswehr and partners from industry.

CAE and Air Manoeuvre Training Alliance at ILA 2018
CAE will again attend the booth of the Air Manouevre Training Alliance (formerly Helicopter Training Alliance) as a Training Partner for Bundeswehr and a world leading Training Systems Integrator. By using the benefits of a cooperation between Military and Industry, the International Helicopter Training Centre as well as the Air Manoeuvre Training Centre will be able to master the increase of future training needs. This cooperative approach will facilitate flexibility in order to rapidly adopt to changing demands and thus increasing economy. CAE - as an experienced Training System Integrator and successful Flight Training Organization -  will demonstrate its training partner competencies by showing specific products, services and programs.

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