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benntec Systemtechnik GmbH

benntec Systemtechnik GmbH, one of the leading eLearning providers in Germany, has been designing and producing customer-specific computer-supported training systems (Computer Based Training/Web Based Training/Distance Learning/Blended Learning/Desktop Simulation) for more than 25 years for effective, up-to-date and motivating training. A team of highly qualified specialists with experience from numerous projects and subject areas, especially in the aviation sector, is available to our customers for the realization of professional, needs-based solutions. Knowledge, qualification and training are today more than ever a decisive success factor for employees and customers.

For the German Army Aviator, benntec developed and supports the ILT HGA system, one of the mainstays of the Bückeburg model, as well as TIGER and NH90 learning software. The ILT HGA (Integrated Learning and Training System for Helicopter Pilot Basic Training) and the TIGER training equipment are among the most modern and, in terms of scope, largest training systems in use in the German Army at the International Helicopter Training Center. In addition, other institutions such as the Federal Police, private flight schools and vocational schools also use the software. benntec has been a partner of the Army Air Force in the field of e-learning and desktop training since 1995.

benntec Systemtechnik GmbH at the AMTA booth during the ILA
Let us convince you of our possibilities as your competent partner for PC-based training and further education solutions as well as for mobile learning. At our booth you will get an insight into modern training technology for air & ground crews, the multilingual learning and training system for pilot training as well as training solutions for other areas such as navy, army, BOS and industry.

To increase learning efficiency, benntec is breaking new ground - the integration of classic eLearning and simulation.
Experience this new possibility in training at our booth using the example of an NH90 maintenance scenario. On different platforms such as a tablet PC, a laptop or with touchscreen monitor operation at the PC as well as a cockpit replica we will present the versatility of the new ASTERION system (Computer Based Training with Embedded Virtual Simulation) together with our parent company Rheinmetall Defence Electronics.

Getting started with mobile learning
Mobile Learning offers a meaningful extension to the existing classic eLearning. Learning content can be accessed spontaneously at any location. The most important thing is a concept that is focused on mobile learning.

VR training - right in the middle instead of thereby only.
Immerse yourself in a new training world. A virtual world that comes so close to reality that you drown in it completely during training. Training with VR glasses, in contrast to learning on the PC, requires full physical effort and is therefore more effective through the “experience”.
Virtual Reality (VR) as training technology is more than gamification and animation. It is an important element for the future of digital learning.

AR-Training - with Smartphone, tablet or AR-glasses
When reality and virtual world merge, you experience the AR effect. You train this computer-supported extension of the perception of reality on the training object, on a model or on example graphics. By means of edge detection or coded key moments, you get additional information about the object detected by the AR device in the Liveview. With Augmented Reality, digital planning data can be efficiently compared with existing real geometries. The technology also enables the broad use of digital validation methods when combining digital data with real prototypes or designs.

Enjoy and discuss with us at the ILA the various possibilities of modern training technology!

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