Air Manoeuvre Training Alliance
Oberstleutnant Hermann Grube
Achumer Straße 1
31675 Bückeburg


Air Manoeuvre – Decisive in Land Warfare

The AMTA presents itself under this motto at the Berlin Air Show 2016

The International Helicopter Training Center has been using full-mission simulation in basic and advanced flying training successfully and with international attention for more than a decade. With  the integration of the type-specific aircraft engineering training, the Army Aviation Corps now trains aircraft engineering personnel as well as pilots, the latter from all branches of service as well as international, within the context of individual training. Based on the positive experiences made with the networked use of simulators and in the context of training the force, the formation of the Airmobility Training Center in Celle in the summer of 2016 allows the future training of airmobile units and their leaders independent of weather and availability of real aircraft. Highly modern training methods and resources will be employed for this purpose and the training is cost-efficient and carbon neutral. The training methods and resources permit a sustainable training of airmobile units including the aircrews under virtually real operational conditions. We would like to present the prospects and challenges of this shared Bückeburg-Celle training platform to you at the Berlin Air Show 2016 together with our industry partners and discuss the future possibilities with you.


Air Manoeuvre Training Alliance

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